Begin Again #LostStars- What do the lyrics mean?

OK, if you haven't seen the movie, go run, watch it somehow! I tend to resign into my deeper analysis, meaning of these lyrics of such a soul searching song.

Work In Progress alert!
It's first draft I've never been so nervous before attempting to understand a song. The tune is amazing. Raw.Pure. it cuts to the heart. I could say that for every song in this amazing movie though. I preferred the girl version. (Because I'm a girl). A song makes you feel it's you. Always.

Spoiler Alert. Don't kill me if I reveal a chunk. This is about analysis for those who have already seen the movie & want to think. Because Doveranalyst, analyses. (Here's my YouTube).

The context of a song is very important. Like they say, grab a glass of context, before you want to understand anything. 

Gretta, the English girl has nearly grown up from her childhood with this guy and, obviously, they are lovers. They have spent all the time with just each other and enjoy making songs. She gifts this song to her boyfriend. It is 'their song'  according to her. Soul searching. That should not be shared with others. So,it must talk about them? 

........ Please don't see just a girl caught up in dreams and fantasies.
Please see me reaching out for someone I can't see.

Please don't see me as stupid.

Don't overlook me as someone delusional, who is madly hopeful for what may not be true after all. Look at me as someone reaching out for someone (means she's in longing of companionship,  she feels lonely, she wants someone, but she's making a very positive statement here that the person she wants (probably her boyfriend as he used to be) is THERE. RIGHT THERE.

But she's just not able to see him. Not that her dream of a rescue(or rescuer), of a postern of fate is non-existent or a fantasy/dream, but a reality. Just that she can't see it now. 

Take my hand, let's see where we wake up tomorrow.
Best laid plans; sometimes are just a one night stand.
I'll be damned; Cupid's demanding back his arrow.
So let's get drunk on our tears..... 

She longs for the thrill of adventure, cool with wherever she goes as long as it's with him.  It suggests the the thrilling tempting curiosity of adventure, of unpredictability! 

No matter how much you plan,you might end up wrapping it up too soon. Could refer to her relationship, as she was very serious in probably getting married to him, and eventually it turned out to be short momentary pleasure that does not continue,  does not last. 

It also suggests that being together for years,  they barely know each other – the comparison of strangers being infatuated. It could also be philosophically suggesting of his victory, the highs, the planning(he went and became a successful rock star), to not stay forever.
 I'll be damned is more like, I'm losing my hope on love. Cupid is thus demanding back his arrow. 
The OR is a much better analysis &  interpretation I tell you! Don't think so much. Best laid plans could lead to nothing. It related more to just take my hand, take me away, let's just see whatever happens tomorrow,  let's go with the flow,  without wasting our lives planning. I'm liberated. 

I'm considering a one night stand to be fun? To be lost in the anonymity? Far far from love? Guilty pleasure? Oh, I'll be damned. Cupid is wanting his arrow(representing love)  back. Continuing the rebellious tone,  let's get drunk( let's enjoy)  in our tears, let's live our sorrows, dance in grief,  act like a mad duck, conquer sadness, smile above the troubles we are having,  let's get the high from drinking in every pain, overcome it,  de-stress from tears,  ironically look at life differently, solve the problems from where they originate. Also, eachother's sadness &  the sharing could help in this 'Getting Over It' and rejoicing despite pain. The catharsis. The sitting together crying. One can't cry with everyone. So that is also suggestive of singing it to your lover or best friend or the closest person to you. 

[Chorus]And God, tell us the reason youth is wasted on the young.
It's hunting season and this lamb is on the run.
We're searching for meaning...
But are we all lost stars trying to light up the dark?.... 

Here I fall short. Can someone help? I wish it were a forum. What do you think? 

A sigh? Youth - the best part is wasted on when the young are still reckless & trying to understand life? Once they know who they should be with or where they should be, they no longer have that energy, the beauty... This line could either mean,  we are 'searching for meaning' at a speed as if we will be killed. As if we are a lamb and the lion is chasing to kill us. We are running for our life. The pace with which we are moving, makes no sense in the end.
 I'm running away from whatever is bothering me. Suggestive of the broader easy perspective of considering oneself the victim, 'It's hunting season, they are all out to get me,...' this lamb is on the run 

You would laugh at me on what I'd first thought. For some bloody reason.,I'd thought in line with the theme:  One night stand,  cupid is demanding back his arrows,  it's hunting season. Like hunting for love?
She's on the run, to be seen, (like playing hard to get) eventually to be caught and eaten or loved,  that's the volatility of the risk of the outcome 
Suggestive of being killed (more doomed,  destroyed by her own soul mate). This idea is reestablished in the Guy version when he says I saw a lion kiss a deer? So miracles are possible and the predator can fall in love with his prey. Also, it hints at the idea of being in such a close and vulnerable relationship with someone you think you can trust, but who is, actually your predator. This idea is essentially behind many love stories like, the Twilight series. A vampire loving a human, (something he eats). Even in a more realistic set up, in an everyday relationship, sometimes our closest ones harm us and brutally slay us with words or actions. On the flip side, you see kindness from the least expected characters in your life too. Someone who could actually ruin you, helps you out.

Are we all lost stars? Lost in the multitude? Lost amongst our own lives. Losing sight of ourselves,  constantly trying to be hopeful,  to be cheerful, amidst everything that is dark,  Grey,  sorrows, pain? Are we lost (as cannot be seen anymore-again reaffirms the beginning 'please see me'.
There is a desperate call to be seen. i'm still here, just the way I was, loving you just the way I was.
Lost angels, uses 'angels' as we used to be trying to always light up the atmosphere for our loved ones,  for our better half or anyone we love. Have they ceased to see us? Have we been lost in providing them our light? Easing their sorrows? Have we lost ourselves,  our own identity &  individuality in the process? 

Most Indian homemakers, women who are constantly working for their loved ones, their husband, kids, in-laws, their parents, uncles and aunties and entire extended families, have sometimes forgotten about themselves.

[Verse 2]
Who are we? Just a speck of dust within the galaxy.
'Woe is me' if we're not careful turns into reality.
Don't you dare let our best memories bring you sorrow.
Yesterday I saw a lion kiss a deer.
Turn the page; maybe we'll find a brand new ending.
Where we're dancing in our tears.

We have lost ourselves in the context of everything huge that surrounds us. The city, the population. The problems? 

'Woe is me' is a phrase from Shakespeare's Hamlet. It's an Urban dictionary phenomenon also for feeling sorry for oneself because you have nothing to get over your past. 
So,  if we keep pitying ourselves it might as well be true! "Woe " - the thing that causes sorrows, troubles, grief, might as well be actually ourselves! Because of our perspective at life! 

It is again, in sync with our earlier underlying deduction. The person is seeing herself as the victim. The lamb, the prey. But sometimes, what is stopping you the most, is YOU.

And God, tell us the reason youth is wasted on the young.
It's hunting season and this lamb is on the run.
We're searching for meaning...
But are we all lost stars trying to light up the dark?
I thought I saw you out there crying...
I thought I heard you call my name...
I thought I heard you out there crying...
But just the same...
This probably is just a expression of how far apart they are though close. 
Also, of everything happening in the head. Of you THINKING of your partner crying for you or just crying, and remembering you or wanting you by her side,  when it was not really so. 
As in the initial betrayal for Gretta. In her head,  she thought he was still in love with her.
Or it might be positive also,  saying it out loud,  provoking the person's deepest anguish to come out &  to share it with him.
Despite Dan calling her repeatedly she does cry but doesn't come up stage to join him which would have indicated forgiveness &  reunion.
It might also mean she cried. She felt it. She felt just as alien with their song now as close as she had earlier. Or she did feel the chord but hasn't healed from the bruise of betrayal enough to join him with a smile. 
I wonder here as there were signs of true love between Gretta &  the producer. Whether a lover's love or a friend love? Because in a giving way, she feels happy that his family is united &  not once had they kissed but probably they had thought the house was empty. Remember that awkward moment when the friend shows he's home? In that split second do they decide what happens,  happy for the best after all? Why then has Gretta not declared her love for Dan as earlier she had been screaming that she's not walking away from her relationship &  despite Dan's cheating,  it still means a lot to her. The movie sort of leaves it to us? There's no denial,  Dan & Gretta living in together since they were five years old share more than just songs, they know each other way too well. 
I feel that because she went there, she does love him and is tasking her time now. She is shattered from within. Just their song cannot get her back that easily. I love movies with strong female characters. This character of Gretta has a convincing dichotomy and layers. She is seen as extremely vulnerable but is extremely self-righteous. She slaps him and leaves the house. This should mean she won't be fooled and she later sings that to him in the song, "I loved you like a fool".

And God, tell us the reason youth is wasted on the young.
It's hunting season and this lamb is on the run.
Searching for meaning...
But are we all lost stars trying to light up the dark?
Are we all lost stars trying to light up the dark?

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  1. Im a girl and therefore love the girl version too! 😆
    I think you did a good job in interpreting the lyrics.

    1. I am (as luck would have it), typing this reply all over again. For some crappy internet issues, it got all deleted.

      I cannot even begin to tell you how awesome it made me feel. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and I'm extremely sorry for not having been able to reply earlier!!

      It just makes me feel at the top of the world. I love connecting with people I know nothing about and especially when lovely angels like you, comment, I just feel awesome.

      I do this a lot. Translations and interpretations and deriving meaning out of basically nothing. I can make anything sound philosophical!! I see the beauty in things.

      Please do check out my YouTube Channel at
      It will mean a lot to me.

      And please keep visiting!! Bookmark

  2. You make me wanna watch the movie already😊

    1. Thank you so much!! I keep getting so many spam comments, that genuine comments just egt lost in between somewhere!

      Yes, you should definitely watch the movie Begin Again. I saw it at a free sreening but it is one of the best movies I've ever seen. you will also like waiting with Kalki and Naseeruddin Shah.

      I love the fact that as predictable as it might be they do not really show a romantic connection between the two.


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