Yes, I'm publishing it

No matter what I won't leave it in a pack called drafts and forget it all over again for the rest of my life(as I practically won't get time EVER) and would keep wondering to put forth a nice piece.
More than writing good content, or even worrying about it, sometimes the silly and foolish face to poke out is better.

You don't think so? Try the other.

The opposite would be to live in a corporate say best wishes and never mean it. To smile and give the diabolic look when a person turns, to use and throw people to rise up the corporate ladder. Ok, fine. Not that filmy.

But when I say good wishes. Sorry, I mean it.When I write a good message, I write it from all my heart and all the good feelings (as my best friend would say, brimming with love...(Remember Upi, when we had learnt the word brimming? Yes, now move your lazy fingers to actually come over to my blog and read it! Enough of u lazies taking advantage of email facility and ignoring my amazing blog design created for readers!))

Why is it that people are SO afraid?

Why is love so frightening?

No, I'm not talking yeh hai aashiqui wala love.

(After ishq wala love and my innumerable explanations thereof, (Yes, karan you can thank me for understanding and explaining what your film's lyrics meant)

People at least know the difference.
I'm not talking about ishq wala love.Normal human to human bond.People like Munna Bhai for the jadu ki jhappi and so many such characters spreading true love and warmth to everyone around.
They know saying "No re" is cute. It's more of apnapan. N so many such small things that people who are genuinely genuine do.
But these limitless boundaries are amazing . Friendship is such a beautiful space where you can dare do all this. There's no question of respect or Ego. "I'm elder you don't dare talk to me like this" feelings.

In our society of protocols and "steps to follow " for just about every occasion and person we just know how to treat a person.
We know the repercussions. So we never would dare unless the other person allowed you to.
I love if I happen to get people who are that flexible. Imagine having new people in office who can dare send a Smiley on chatter.
It's like wow. I can with them. It's ok.

The  'it's ok' feeling is amazing.
Let's you be yourself. Such comfort.
It's an amazingly freeing feeling! 
No rules. No expected compulsory behavior/ etiquette.
As if the grandma in Princess Diaries just said run and dance like a duck in your party.
Ok, too Utopian.
Point taken.

Office is a different place. The alien outside world beyond your close friend circle is stranger.
That's why they are not in your 1 feet inner circle. That's why I was so taken aback each time (I don't know how;) I could find a you and me zone with the biggest dignitaries. When a founding Director or a CEO did talk to me as if we were friends!
I mean. Seriously!
When a desk head for an entire region or a Head for various zones can call you buddy! Whoa. That's something.

Slowly over time you get personal. I think its natural. I add my personal touch wherever I go. Is that a sin?
I mean this was about seniority in respect or position whatever. Just imagine if I were to call Nahii or Pingu Aap! We are so used to 'Tu'. It's the space that the other person gives you. Really.
It gets ugly when the person does and then accuses you of lack of protocol. Like an elder guy (neighbour) who would happily run color through your cheeks when you are a teen but when you reciprocate out of sheer courtesy, he'd expect you to touch his feet and apply color there for he's senior. Wth. Not like he's family. Even in family we take liberty to apply color on cheek of brothers 20 years older. To hell with a year old or two.

Or maybe when someone gives you that space and takes it back. Bad. Sad. Like moms. They would be your best friends and all that. And suddenly say you don't even treat like mom.We used to bow down to whatever our moms said . Never contradict or speak. So, what do you want? We stay like old times? No hugs, no closeness Ma? Fear. Terror. Respect only to be shown?  Not to be meant? So that gets us back to british times."Oh, how are we today, this morning?" And kisses in the air.
Luckily its not so superficial everywhere.

I truly respect people I love . I would admire their character, unique talent, spirit or attitude. I would fight for them if someone said anything. I would go all praises. As I truly care.
You know what's worse? When the person allows you and is ok with it but others think its not allowed. Or for status quo reasons want you to behave as everyone does. Like in my office we have first name basis address. Many would think we shouldn't do it. My ma says this habit can kill me in society. Haha
In my school I liked a girl named Sneha. I forget most but what was best about her was she insisted and forced me to call her by her name though she was my senior. No didi.
I guess these days guys would happily let girls call so they don't hear bhaiya. Lol. That generation has passed, I guess.

I wish people dared to be that informal.
Like the big conglomerate that let's people walk in bare feet saving the nature etc.The thing is to understand the other side correctly and not take liberties when the other can be offended if you treated from the heart with all good wishes, being the happy, open, naive and genuine Geet(JWM). Do as they like .
And if you truly know they don't mind but love it this way. Don't bother at what others say.

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