You wanted to see #doveranalyst in #saree.
And, it's done!



Also, I can't possibly just leave you with only VIVEGAM OFFICIAL TRAILER REACTION, right? So, here are the Vivegam Trailer Reaction BLOOPERS, along with some vlog footage. So, enjoy the Bhubaneswar, India vlog, doveranalyst madness style. Enjoy being goofy, making mistakes and laughing on them.

Why we love Bloopers

I have always loved bloopers. In fact, for me bloopers are way more interesting than the original content also. I am growing as a youtuber as you can tell. I constantly believe in constantly improving. You ask why I say this? Well, have a look at my really well earning blooper video. (which means, I earn 1$ from it. So, do your good karma. Make sure you never skip an ad. ;)

Introduction to Tamil Cinema (South Indian Cinema)

The story of the VIVEGAM OFFICIAL TRAILER REACTION + BLOOPERS! is crazy. I did not know who Thala Ajith Kumar is before. Then, I did my first reaction video in Tamil language genre. I don't even understand a single word of Tamil. And, as you could obviously guess, I did not know any Tamil stars. My entire history of knowing anything close south would be Rajnikanth or at max Chiranjeevi and even then, I would not recognize Chiranjeevi if you showed me his face.

So, obviously I had no idea who Thala Ajith Kumar is. But, then I had only reacted to Vivegam Teaser when it first dropped, based on requests from my lovely D'angels and D'stars, (that's what I call my family of subscribers on YouTube and everywhere on social media that support me). You give me a chance to connect beyond language barriers to what is most important. You can never know much of books, art or cinema. I am fascinated by the different kinds of filmmaking and storytelling means.

I have been friends with senior game designers and worked on simulations. I have designed them, and worked on that front of creativity in addition to script writing.

Movies and the love of storytelling

Movies, are definitely what brings home, a classic taste of manipulating and spoiling the human mind with illusions to tell and suggest so much to the human psychology to tell so much in such short time. I can always watch a movie. Also, talking about and addressing stardom, we don't realise humility. No matter how big you're someone on planet earth may not know you. People I know, do not know the biggest youtuber with the maximum subscribers on earth - Pewdiepie, and similarly people don't know Thala Ajith Kumar either. YouTube and social media in general, in trying to be a public figure here, has widened my horizons. And, thank you for that. You must know that you have made my life awesome. Thank you.

doveranalyst storytime videos

I also have some story time videos. Hope you enjoy them too. Here's when your beloved D was mistaken for Deepika Padukone.
Wait, what?
Remember this scene and still from the famous Farah Khan directed, Om Shanti Om, Bollywood debut of Deepika Padukone?
Deepika Padukone in Pink, waving at fans in Om Shanti Om.

Part 1 of YouTube Mobile Live Storytime where I tell you exactly what happened in Filmcity, Mumbai that I was confused for Deepika Padukone.
Part 2 of YouTube Mobile Live Storytime where I tell you exactly what happened in Filmcity, Mumbai that I was confused for Deepika Padukone.
The time your Uber Driver played Enrique and earned 1.5 lacs a month and made sure you know it.
My now married, MBA roomie and I, went Crawford Market shopping only to encounter anti-secular hate speech transmitted through a loudspeaker in Manish Market, Mumbai, adding to intolerance so openly. This was public and that's exactly what should send a chill down Mumbai Police's spine. They couldn't find my three expensive electronic devices. Nevertheless, Mumbai Police is usually the best. But, in this particular instance where we were scared like crazy and also, somehow to some extent, not really. That, is a dangerous signal. We are so used to hate that it didn't bother us as much as it should have. As a responsible citizen, however, I did put it in my blog and urge you, who's spending your time reading this, to spread love. Never ever hate. If you really need to hate something that bad, please hate bad deeds and do something about it. Bad deeds that should actually send a chill down your spine happen across religions, cultures, language, caste and creeds.
Just as Rahul Bose had said in his speech in my B-school graduation days, pick only thing that angers you. Do something about it. That will help you create change.

Nothing is more your own, than your own true self, your own soul and humanity. Everything else comes after.- doveranalyst 2017

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Baahubali 2: The Buzz post 50 days

Baahubali 2 is gone and wiped out, they said. No one is going to read about Bahubali 2, they said, but I, .....I...believe in you.
One of the most talked about movies, of all times, Bahubali 2, whether you spell it as Bahubali or Baahubali, is pretty alive I think. It is still minting money as we talk. The blockbuster Baahubali 2 is still playing in theatres and there's no reason why you and I shouldn't be talking about it.

One of the most incredible things, that happened lately, the next best thing on YouTube was getting 55 million subscribers last night. If you don't know, PewDiePie is the biggest youtuber ever with 55 million subscribers. The screenshots are up on instagram @rjtanu. There's also a tiny handle at @doveranalyst

doveranalyst's Vivegam Teaser reaction went trending probably because it is interesting to see a non-Tamil speaking girl who's never seen South Indian cinema, to react to it. Reactions on YouTube are a big thing. YouTube reactions from foreignors for Bollywood or Indian Cinema is trending all the times. But somehow some nuances can only be understood if you have some kind of a backdrop to the background of the film.

doveranalyst did not know about Thala Ajith Kumar at all. The reaction is practically, me reacting to one of the most famous stars ever. One of the best things about YouTube is that you meet awesome people from across the world and the amazing cross cultural experience you get.
The awesome people that commented, asked me how I had not seen anything from Tamil or Telugu lately. I got direct comments on how on earth have I not seen Baahubali 2?

So, well, I went and saw Baahubali 2.

This video lists every single scene I loved in the movie Baahubali 2. doveranalyst is a vlogger, so, just naturally, the movie discussions also become vlog style. (or also, because I can't afford a microphone.)

It might seem funny that how an Indian youtuber with the biggest subscribers ever be so broke, right?

Well, actually., YouTube was playing a bad joke, or tor something. People are losing subscribers everywhere. Anyways, I actually currently have so less that I need so much love from you. You might think it won't actually help but thta one subscribe button and the bell icon next to it, called notification, mean the world to me. I want to earn some living over here. Please do support me. Please do watch the ads, (as you know the ad acoplyse in YouTube is still on.

© Copyright owned by Doveranalyst. This work cannot be reproduced without attribution. However, sharing a link would mean a lot to me! Thanks!

doveranalyst reacts to Vivegam Official teaser | YouTube story so far

The Vivegam Official Teaser Reaction crossed 16k views. No kidding.
Being an overtly reactive element, reactions come natural to me. doveranalyst is someone who over analyzes. I'm certainly a larger than life creature, always dancing and prancing around in glee. I try my best to be a happy person and spread positivity and warmth. I used to be called Na and K, cuz I was so reactive all the time. Those were the two elements I used to remember in the Periodic table, therefore. Haha. doveranalyst is still very much, the expression ki dukaan.

Vivegam Official Teaser reaction and interaction with such loyal Thala Ajith Sir fans taught me so many things. For starters, an artist needs a fan.
I have not seen the bollywood movie, Fan but living in India, I know what a fan is. (I meant other than the 'What's up?', 'Oh, ceiling fan', reference).

Thala Ajith Sir fans are very loyal. If they love you, they love you. South is known to worship their heroes. What surprised me further was, Ajith Kumar is a hero for Thala fans because of who he is. Acting is just a tiny part. Part of showbusiness, Thala fans like him because of his humble beginnings, his personality, honesty, dare to go sans makeup and with white hair, keeping it natural. I would have never dreamt of such things. Just like Bollywood, Tollywood is also filled with rivalry. But I appreciate objective judgement of things. You don't have to hate another actor cuz you like one. You see? The more you give, the more you get. If you give love, your positive karma rises. Just as I say in the honking video, don't let the negative karma rise. Haha.

doveranalyst remembers her first subscriber

It is crucial for your viewers to love you and your channel. I had earned my first subscriber +ketan keshri from #fame. In those days, some of my other actor friends were paid a ton of money to live stream on this app.
I was a free service enthusiast, though. Nobody paid me anything. He used to attend my shows (all livestream content) and supported my YouTube channel. The first day of this baby, just when the channel doveranalyst was born. You might be surprised to know that my first ever subscriber was not someone I knew in my everyday life. Also, someone I have never met. Someone I have absolutely no influence on. Someone who wouldn't do it for just being my friend, you know? Someone who actually loved my work. This man liked my facebook page, and my channel, when I had not even posted a single video. I cannot begin to express the first rush of blood that hits you, when you have your first subscriber.

Starting YouTube in 2017

When you do not share your youtube life with people you know, it may be impossible to start in 2017. Just as +pewdiepie says, the first 100 subscriber moment is huge, it makes you really really happy, I was at the top of the world, when I earned my unique +YouTube URL.(Ok, somebody, tell Jio to tag youtube).

YouTube had never been this tough before. A lot of changes (all of them, last moment), was the toughest challenge to new budding YouTube creators. We all know that ad rates are differentially very low in India. So, if you intend to make even 10 bucks, you must have millions of views.
Views are not counted unless you have been watching a video at a stretch. Rewinding a video adds to points. The moment a video drops, sharing it all over social media and nearly creating a spam war, makes it reach the suggested video page. Blog referral links really help. But who's got the time to do all of this trolling with your own content when you have to look good (most difficult part for me), film it right, edit it, color grade, do the sound correction, noise reduction, organise all filed from different cams, hard disks, add music that's also copyright free, check for any form of copyright infringement chances, (even though taking content for analysis purpose is legal in both fair use US and Indian YouTube policy,) Once all the edits are locked, you have to wait a century for the video to render (and only hope, there's no error of any form after it took all your youth to finish). I use two professional editing suites and both of them have come with an update! Yippee. I love creating. And creating the best. The toughest learning for me has been to settle. Sometimes, settle for not the best. While you want to up your youtube game and share the best possible video you could make, there is a mass production and sub4sub spam(that YouTube wants to stop), running in the background. While I am worried about my sound quality, despite an original RODE microphone, (that is damn expensive), and professional post noise reduction, and bumping the sound a bit in the editing process, there are youtubers who produce videos with just the mobile microphone. The quantity really helps. Having excelled in whatever I've done, I love being the best. It takes effort, learning and above all, time. And time, is the most crucial resource over here. So, I've learnt to let go. With time, I am going to improve and better the game even more.

Internet has been another struggle. And the struggle is real. When I once said I'm so broke, a dear subscriber thought I was kidding. But when I referred to using my mobile data plan to upload videos to youtube, he was sure I wasn't kidding. Buying a camera that has rear 4k and front 2k is futuristic. Being Indian middle class, you think of the future. When you have a global audience, they are not going to settle for less. And thus, your laptop screen should also be 4k to be able to view what you are editing in 4k. Also, a laptop that can support 4k video editing is going to need a lot of that horse power and tons of money. However, rendering it to 2k or 4k, really takes twice or thrice that century time and time, is important.

BBC tip: When you're counting 180 -300 bucks, VAT, service charge, the cheapest thing you can buy so you can legally use a cafe's Wi-Fi to upload, it's time to ask your subscribers to never skip an ad.
BBC stands for Broke Bitch in Colaba
And then YouTube suddenly decides you cannot earn even those 4$ you put in your piggy bank, until you reach 10k views. But we did it. After the spell of not even being able to add to piggy bank of possible earnings, we crossed that milestone and more. Collective positive energy can work wonders. The least you can do is believe in me. And, together we will.

Being a girl on Social Media

Countering negativity is a huge thing on social media. There will be people who will call you ugly. For someone I'm ugly af. (I respect their opinion, though I don't quite agree with them). I have got this self-confidence with effort. Only 2% women believe they are beautiful. Let's change that.

The inner beauty of your soul is far more important than your dark circles. - doveranalyst 2017

There was a time I had an inferiority complex. But I've learnt the lesson and grown a lot in life. You need to love yourself. It's not vanity, it is crucial. At the same time, if someone does not agree with your opinion, just be ok with it. Acknowledge it and let go, you know? They are just not holding the bee today. (Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder ( I mean, BEE holder).

In order to not lose it and have a healthy mental balance, you got to be grounded. Never seek external validation. Be ok with yourself. Some comments would tear you up for being sans makeup. And when you wear makeup for your videos, there would be some who would want to say you're extra or fake.
Little did they know how much over the top makeup others put on, lol. You need a peace, a calm, a tranquility within your soul to realise that everyone's exposure to content is different. Not everyone knows what you know. So, the spectrum of the theory of relativity is very very different for them and you.

A huge part of adulting or growing up is to realise this. No one sees the world as you do.

Aditi, the Indian comedian commented on the round table with Rajeev Masand on being a female stand-up comic in India in 2017. She was not ok with people writing hate comments on her channel. The males get hate comments too. I'm sure someone as famous as Tanmay or Zakir Khan have got their share of hatred. You're not supposed to take it personally. @iisuperwomanii and Jenna Marbles, who was her inspiration in youtube get their share of hatred even today.

You have to be mature enough to understand the hatred is not directed at you. Neither is it because of your work. It is a way more personal war that's going on there. Lilly Singh got racist comments recently and posted a roast video to educate the racist that India, Pakistan and Afghanistan are actually 3 different countries. I like the message and humor. I don't take underperformance at anything. If you're a racist, it's time you become a good one. Haha.

More than any other learning in YouTube, it will be important to be happy about dislikes.
For starters, people can randomly dislike your video. Without even watching it. For desserts, it actually helps your video. Next time, you hate something, don't actually dislike it. It brings it in the engagement report and brings it on top on the YouTube watch list. +Pewdiepie, the biggest youtuber with 55 million subscribers, enlightens us.
People like Rebecca Black and Justin Beiber started getting famous because of their youtube videos getting tonnes of dislikes.
Miranda Sings is a channel that banks so much on the HATERS, that she got two seasons of Haters Back Off on Netflix.
When some people think my expressions are a little too much, I usually give Coleen Ballinger's Miranda Sings reference. She's a pretty girl with a sane channel as Psycho Soprano too. But who cares? The character Miranda that she created, pays the bills. If you ever hear someone say exaggeration, you know where to pass them on.

Ad revenue is important. But so is Love.

Isn't everything we do in life, a way to be loved a little more? (Before Sunrise 1995).
It is surprising how a 1995 movie still makes so much sense. If you know the Before trilogy, we are friends! My blog post on Before Sunset quotes.

So, you feel loved. And that's important. It is very healthy. You get loyal lovers like +Starry Sheikh  and +shubham tripathi who watch all your videos without fail. And every video has their comments. +abhay no regrets tells me to post some of my pics on instagram. Well, I started then. (I've always been so scared. Looking at @amberscholl insta, you shouldn't be though. She happily sports a stone studded bikini, while we wonder what would...
+Anand Tuse begins to think what should work. And as a special comment, +Adhiraj Barmeshwar catches my eye. Cuz first time in history, someone called me sis. Like, this happened before Vivegam. (Adhiiiiiiraj, Bro, "Like", was on purpose, this time.;)

And post Vivegam, I did see a lost of sista, sister and sis comments. I had forgotten that the word sister existed. That a man can ever call a woman sis. (+BehenhogiTeri's dialogue: Who in the right sense of mind would want to say, what a girl, how I wish she was my sis, comes to mind?)

So much so that, hilarious as it would be, Bro +Adhiraj Barmeshwar and I happened to meet on a comment section of a standup video on YouTube, and someone commented, Nice try, man. And he says, she's my sis. And he wonders what a comeback that was, until he finds out.

Positive vibrations and the Collective Intention

We have stopped believing in pure connections and positive vibrations. That there can be heart- warming interactions. That there is a power. That there is a touch. That there is a feeling that can even touch your heart virtually. That it need not be lust/attraction/love/bromance that drives everything. Just as I post today on, there are so many connections we also happen to make, (or might be seriously missing out on), if we are relying just on tinder, trulymadly, meetup, wechat,snapchat,instagram, to meet new people.

You would never meet a taxi driver who would tell you how he never had to buy an umbrella in Mumbai, ever. And have you wondered what a sudden relaxation on your guilt trip you would have missed?
Now, you don't have to sulk and make a face, staring at your toes, by the kitchen wall, trying to gulp, as you say, "Ma, I left the umbrella. Again".

A silver lining, like I always try to find. An interesting thought to a depressing occurrence. (You know the meaning of an umbrella if you have lived in Mumbai rains. Just as Kussum used to say, (to Kumud), "Yeh Mumbai hai, yahan kabhi bhi baarish ho sakti hai.If you know this, Ekta Kapoor reference, I'm spellbound.)

I strongly believe in the power of intentions. I called my supporters, my D angels and this connection we have, (even though, virtual), D home. Just as doveranalyst, delves deeper into things, the home, is our cosy little space, our warm hug, when we need it most. It connects you and me. The power of internet (YouTube, facebook, instagram, twitter), keep us connected. Without it, we would have never known each other.

You choose people you want to be associated with

Such an amazing app where I met people is through pure voice. Listen is an app, you can download. (That's not paying me anything, just like everyone else, currently). Some of my interactions and my stories led to people asking for my radio station and then, being guided to my video station, YouTube.
But even those that didn't, will always stay in my heart. I cannot even remember what I conversed about, but there was an American woman. And what we talked was very very uplifting. I'm glad I could help her. And I'm also glad, I've no obsession. I can easily let go. While it lasts, if it is with good intentions, every conversation is amazing. Conversations are so special that the intoxication they give can transcend all boundaries. If you have spent at least one sleepless night in conversing with a person, where neither of you was romantically interested in each other, welcome to the club. There can be a normal affinity for humans. Just that. Without any label. Without any explanation. Remember your first time? The first time you chose friends? There's always a striking likeability in certain people, that you choose to associate yourself with them. Without any reason. Just pure instinct.

And then +Rajesh kumar suggested Vivegam teaser. Even for him, the success of this channel was important. You're a member and it's your thing. Remember how the first time, you chose a team and wanted it to win? (If you're an Indian, it was probably the Indian Cricket Team).
An artist is nothing without its audience. I love it when you become my angel and support me. Help will be given to all those who ask for it. (Potterhead).  I, very clearly ask for it.

The much requested Vedalam Hospital Scene Reaction video is also here.

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ODISSI Dance Adruta | 14th May| Juhu ISCKON Temple

Odissi,  (Odiaଓଡିଶୀ Oḍiśī), a major ancient Indian classical dance(originated in the Hindu temples of Odisha), enthrals you with Abhinaya (enactment) and delicate footwork. Rescued by Adruta Home for Children, these parentless children of international fame, present a visual saga of devotion and pure magic on stage.  For FREE. Yes, you heard me right.

Adruta children have performed across the world. Art transcends beyond borders. It touches your soul. Adruta kids are back in Mumbai once again, and the event is absolutely free!

Odissi, as a dance form | An expression

Odissi encompasses spiritual ideas, particularly of Vaishnavism (Vishnu as Jagannath), religious stories, and cultural heritage.This performance art, has artists and musicians play out a mythical story, a spiritual message or devotional poem from the Hindu texts, using:

  • symbolic costumes, 
  • body movement, 
  • abhinaya (expressions) and 
  • mudras (gestures and sign language) set out in ancient Sanskrit literature.

Odissi is learnt and performed as a composite of basic dance motif called the Bhangas (symmetric body bends, stance). It involves lower (footwork), mid (torso) and upper (hand and head) as three sources of perfecting expression and audience engagement with geometric symmetry and rhythmic musical resonance.
An Odissi performance repertoire includes 

  • invocation, 
  • nritta (pure dance), 
  • nritya (expressive dance), 
  • natya (dance drama) and 
  • moksha (dance climax connoting freedom of the soul and spiritual release).

Adruta Home for Children | Skill Development beyond belief

Abandoned by parents, rescued by ADRUTA, these children bring magic on stage. Last year, it was the very talented dancer, Hema Malini, who showered her blessings on the Adruta kids. This year, Juhi Chawla was mesmerised by their performance at Girgaum Chowpatty. She personally invited the Adruta kids.
Having performed across the world, the ADRUTA children bring in Odissi finesse, a touch of class, pure love and devotion. The dance performance visually brings you the stories of Krishna to life. Enchanting as it is, art goes beyond every language and gets treasured in your heart. 
Also, the cause behind the event makes you wonder, how deeply cared these children are, that their skill development initiatives have brought them so far. 
ADRUTA is a home that banks on only one capital for helping such children - grace.
We warmly welcome you all to come witness the saga. We would be grateful if you would like to add your bit to rescuing such hapless children and promising them an empowered life filled with love and care.
Please contact us:
Prof. Aditya Kumar Mohanty (Founder, Chairman) +91 9438471488
Dr. Sagarika Mishra (Director) +91 9438553645
Mrunmayee 9619439113


Date: 14th May, 2017

Time: 3:00PM to 5:00PM

Venue | Odissi Dance - Adruta | ISCKON Temple, Juhu, Mumbai

When you look for free events in Mumbai, often you do not come across such visual treat to the eye. The best way to spend your Sunday, this 14th of May, would be to come witness these children dissolve themselves in Odissi devotion.

My Personal Experience at Adruta Odissi Performance

Being an Odia myself, watching them perform Aahe Nila Saila, brought tears to my eyes, (here's an English translation). I could feel that touch of spirituality engulfing me. The real gold adorning the splendid carving in ISCKON Temple, as a backdrop to these little girls, dressed in traditional Odia handloom, shining, pink and blue, was such a visual treat to the eye. The music touched your cores. The vibes transcended you to another level. It is an experience worth having!

Juhi Chawla on Adruta Odissi Dance

The Adruta girls are a touch of grace, said Ms. Juhi Chawla, an epitome of grace, herself. Coming from her, it made me feel so proud. The Bollywood actor, producer, extended her stay to watch the Adruta girls perform a little longer. Dressed in a pale yellow and white salwar, the graceful Bollywood diva had her eyes glued to the children. She praised the efforts by Adruta, saying that educating a girl leads to educating a society. She was humbled by how the little kids have preserved such a unique cultural heritage that makes her proud of being an Indian. Juhi Chawla also warmly invited the Adruta children to perform as an inspiration in her own initiative where 1500 kids study.

Often you are skeptical about donating to an organization, where you are not sure what they do with your money. One wonders if the donations actually reach the kids in need. Here, in Adruta, founder and chairman, Prof. Mohanty has not waited for funds to come to begin the movement he began, the upliftment of children in distress. Director, Dr. Sagarika stays in Adruta, bringing up these children who call her 'Mummy'. She herself got all the twenty girls lined up and ready with makeup, costumes and hair all done. Preparations for the 9:00 am show in Girgaum began at 4:00am. You just pause to wonder what goes behind the performance you watch. Adruta already provides the best amenities possible to these kids, and welcomes you all to pay them a visit.

After the performance, Prof. Mohanty was swarmed by individuals wanting to appreciate his vision and thoughts. The simplicity just touches your heart in the very few lines he spoke.

"The only capital we bank upon is his grace", said he.

Community contributions have empowered and enabled Adruta to drive the change in children's education and well-being. Prof. Mohanty gave us the example of a daily wage earner who would give 2 kgs of rice. Adruta has been humbled by the sheer power of intention. The least you could do today, is say a prayer. Remember everyone in need today. They need you. They need your intention. They need a kind smile.


Organizer of Odissi Dance ADRUTA home | International Fame| FREE ENTRY

Adruta Children Home  (A unit of RAWA Academy)

has been doing pioneering work in the field of rehabilitation of the abandoned, unclaimed, parentless and destitute children, especially girl children, in need of care and protection.

ISKCON Temple, Mumbai, 

officially known as Sri Sri Radha Rasabihari ji Temple is a temple in Juhu area in Mumbai. It is set upon four acres of land and a stone throw away from Juhu Beach. It is one of India’s most beautiful temple of Lord Krishna in Mumbai.

© Copyright owned by Doveranalyst. This work cannot be reproduced without attribution. However, sharing a link would mean a lot to me! Thanks!

Spread the word. Give it a Share...Come meet us on 14th May, Juhu.

What exactly Happened? Snapdeal Snapchat | Sonu Nigam Sonu Sood?

Tweet: Snap, snap, snap! Snapdeal is not Snapchat and Sonu Sood is not Sonu Nigam. Wrong number hai, Bhai. Thoda chill. Love @doveranalyst
Snap, snap, snap! Snapdeal is not Snapchat and Sonu Sood is not Sonu Nigam.

If you're clueless on what Twitterati is up to and what the netizens of India have done, wait no more. So, a lot of people might be caught off guard as they've no idea what the running meme of Babu Rao from Hera Pheri, yelling "Ye wrong number hai, baba" is all about.

What's the Snapchat Controversy?

So, the fumes of anger began a Non-cooperation and boycott movement because, Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel allegedly said that India is poor and they do not want to expand to India or Spain.
Now, because Snapchat is a free app available in both Appstore and Playstore for free, there's no question of entering any markets that are poor or rich, How does it even make a difference?

Out of context Media

Well, that's what the India media reported. All Indian newspapers and online sources, most credible sources of news, reported that the CEO did say India is poor in absolute distaste. If you heard the news and you were to do a quick google search on the Snapchat story, you will find headlines that grab your attention just as Wall Street Journal did clickbait to get Pewdiepie for nothing. Pewdiepie was innocent. Felix meant no harm.But the click-hungry media click baits so bad that they now have a habit of taking things out of context.
Now, millions of YouTubers suffer from lack of revenue who had dreamt of making it big on YouTube. (YouTube still remains the most amazing place to advertise as you do not have to pay if someone does not click your ad, or doesn't watch it for at least 30sec.)

Snapchat CEO allegedly called India Poor

Gaurav Gera tweeted the difference between the Indian Media and the international media on how they reported the same snapchat event. International world media had mentioned "Alleged" and that an ex-employee had actually filed a case in the court and had mentioned that Snapchat CEO had called India poor. While nobody is actually guilty unless proved in a court, we cannot absolutely be blinded by snapchat die hard lovers like Gaurav Gera.

The word alleged has suddenly removed Evan of any disgrace whatsoever. The point here is that "alleged" for Nirbhaya (Jyoti Singh Pandey), 16 December Delhi rape case was not the same. Legally even the intestines pulling out Ram Singh and the rest of the rapists were allegedly rapists as it was not proved in a court of law. But the nation had united in huge protests that we had never ever seen before.

Snapchat, is a minor issue. Some Indians go about mocking India more than an outsider did by quoting HDI and financial statistics to prove we are poor. My point is, it does not matter. The context in which it was allegedly said was not the WHO meet, where someone referred to India as poor. For a free app, Snapchat, the CEO was absolutely ignorant to ignore a youth market like India, which is primarily the group Snapchat aims at. If true, the comment was nothing but bizarre. The nation did unite to express its anger in uninstalling Snapchat with #UninstallSnapchat, #BoycottSnapchat and other hastags got trending on Twitter. Adding, huge loads to our shameless carbon footprint already.

Many went to the playstore and appstore and left terrible comments and reviews on Snapchat and even reported it as inappropirate for the PlayStore because of the Snapchat CEO's comment.

The Hilarious confusion between Snapchat and Snapdeal

Now, Snapchat CEO had only called India poor, if at all. And, some of the angry Indians proved what fuming anger can do to you. Prevent blood circulation the brains. To such an extent that, yellow logo snapchat and red logo snapdeal duddenly seemed to be the same thing because of the first common phrase in their names, snap. Now, Snapdeal is an Indian company and our pride of startup that made it real big. In all sense of the word, Snapdeal is Swadesi, an indian brand. So, the SImon Go back naras for SNapchat Uninstalled, was the biggest ironical attack on Snapdeal for a confusion that would have seemed absolutely impossible if I suggested it to you, before it actually happened!

It is impossible, (allegedly), to confuse a digital shopping mall, bright hot red Snapdeal with a social media app, bright yellow ghost, sending snaps, or photographs, or videos to friends that disappear after they have seen it. Snapdeal and Snapchat are two different things! Not sure how it is even possible to confuse. While Snapchat CEO is only liking Indian superstar tweets that support him and didn't tweet a single tweet on his innocence, Snapdeal CEO was asked to clarify it to the world that Snapdeal and Snapchat are indeeed different.

And now you know, why Babu Rao from Hera Pheri was seen as a running meme, yelling, "Ye wrong number hai!"
To what extent can people be unaware to not know Snapdeal? Aamir Khan's Unbox Zindagi and dil ki deal, comes to mind? Poor Snapdeal had advertised more on 'deal' rather than snap the deal. Lol. I understand many may not know snapchat as it is not widely popular in India like Whattsapp and nobody would get  aheart attack if you said you don't have snapchat.

The Sonu Nigam and Azaan controversy

Similar to snapchat and snapdeal confusion, there was a major confusion between Sonu Nigam, the singer and Sonu Sood, the actor. They just have the same first name Sonu. And, as #BoycottSonu went trending on Twitter, people confused which Sonu they are supposed to target.

Sonu Nigam had a huge problem with loudspeakers and the way Azaan used loudspeakers to wake people early in the morning. And, that was given a religious tinge and suddenly in popular media, Sonu Nigam became Anti-Muslim. Sonu Nigam goes on to twitter, even today, 22 April 2017, reiterating,
Arti is important, not loudspeakers. Azaan is important, not loudspeakers.
But not like anyone is listening, right? Nobody cares in a herd mentality. How I wish people would use this energy against criminals and abusers rather than somebody's opinion on loudspeakers.
And even if it was religion, no religion needs humans to protect it. It is a faith you hold and others may have unfavourable opinions on your practices. And having an unfavourable opinion does not mean they hate or disrespect your religion. In response to a Maulvi who challenged he would pay 10 lakhs to anyone who would shave Sonu Nigam bald and have a garland of shoes tied to his head and make him move around. And, today with entire media and press presence, Sonu Nigam, got his head shaved as protest.

This is 2017. Are we still living in an India (or Bharat, however, you wish to call it), where women could be stripped of clothes and painted black or authors could be blackened with ink or comedians could be thrown in jails? WHy are we so intolerant? WHya re we looking for an excuse to pretend to be a BHagat Singh and be the revolutionary leader in uniting everyone against a cause? Why, then, is our cause as meagre as somebody's opinion on us?

When a loudspeaker hater and Sonu Nigam supporter got stabbed

Why can this massive energy not be chanelized for fighting against mindsets, and rape? Why can't we get #anti-corruption trending on twitter? There are much bigger problems in our country than loudspeaker or someone not liking a particular act of a religion. India is a free country and we have a freedom of speech. To stab someone who supported Sonu Nigam is screeching of an era where herds walk without a head. Where there's aggression and brawn but no critical thinking. Where no one even cares to know the truth.

And, oh, wait, why Sonu Sood got confused with Sonu Nigam?

The comedy of errors, saw Sonu Sood, the Bollywood actor being confused with the singer, Sonu Nigam. And, as saddening and condemenaable, as it maybe, people started boycotting his movie to be released. Hundreds and thousands of people work on a movie. A film is a work of art and holds no ground reality to real life people. It is a mere story that is being told as a business for people to make a living out of it. Just as Ae Dil Hai Mushqil had suffered because of the Fawad Khan issue. (The only problem that the Pakistani actor Fawad Khan had appeared in the movie for a few seconds). It does not matter who is from where and who said what. People who are there in a film have a billion dreams associated with it. And food. It is not fair to boycott something so huge and so massive, that is way beyond an actor who acted in the movie. And even then, I get uninstalling an app as a protest of not being consumers when the comment was on filtering a said consumer. But when did a filmmaker say his movie is not meant for Indians or Pakistanis? You see? No matter who was in it, it was for everyone.

Sonu Sood woke up to angry tweets calling him names and gaalis and asked twitter on what had he done to get it, only to then find out the Sonu Nigam, Sonu Sood confusion.

So, Babu Rao, Hera Pheri goes, "Yeh wrong number hai, baba".

What could have been a comedy, indeed, turns grave when some anti-India Kashmiris allegedly installed Snapchat as it is anti-India. Where are we headed? And why? Why are we making enemies and not friends? Can we pause to have a look at the farce we have made of ourselves? There is no Jallianwala massacre that we are reacting to. For our selifsh urge to unite for a cause and make a change, we are choosing meagre causes. Every religion has rapists and murderers. By the time you read till here, 4 or more women were raped in India.

Let's be human, first.

© Copyright owned by Doveranalyst. This work cannot be reproduced without attribution. However, sharing a link would mean a lot to me! Thanks!

P.S: I need a 100 more views to be able to start earning. Care to help?

Raabta Trailer Reaction | BLOOPERS | Poorna | Rahul Bose

Hello, guys!

My D angels!

Here's #RaabtaTrailer reaction and discussion. First, we see the Raabta Trailer, n then discuss.

Here's the Official Raabta Trailer 2017:

I will believe you (Song)

I will believe you.

I will believe you.
I will believe that you never lied to me.
I will believe that you try
I will believe you mean what you say.
I will believe you're busy.
Day after day
For months, for years.
I will believe you will call me once you have time.
I will believe you.
I won't be the doubting friend.
I won't be the insecure trend.
Won't budge, wont bend.
I will stand strong.
I won't sing this song
Just tell me all of this again.
And I swear to you
Assure you
It will be like before again.
I'll believe you. I will believe you.

3 days to go for #Bhanwarey | ft Karhan Dev

Lots of interesting footage coming soon. As of now, this video is live. Check it out.

Bhanwarey releases 24 March, 2017 with Phillauri

A quirky and insane laugh riot, is what Bhanwarey is. The story was set years ago. A time, when there wasn't #Tinder. A time when there wasn't #Whatsapp. A time when you had Yahoo Messenger. A time when you did ASL. 
Karhan Dev, Shaurya Singh, Jashan Singh Kohli from Bhanwarey

Written and Directed by 

Shaurya Singh


Manoj Bakshi...
Maqsood Bhai

Karhan Dev...
Pushpender Vohra

Priyanka Shukla...
Sonia Kharbanda

Jashan Singh...
Machchinder Pal Singh Sodhi

The movie, Bhanwarey deals with an often not talked about subject and the madness that unfolds after. Here's the IMDB page of Bhanwarey.

Even a four year old is often seen asking his mother in a local train, "What's this magical jadibuti this babaji claims to give?"
Watching a lot of stuff these days, in times of global exposure, the youth today has desires that are usually unfathomable. And, not being able to perform is not something a man wants to hear. The Bhanwarey men would do whatever it takes to solve the issue. Little did they know what would stand out of the Pandora's box that they have opened.

Here's the wiki link to check out, more.



When movies are based on stories that revolve around a sexual problem, the lack of, the more of, and the dysfunctional sex, it usually takes a hilarious turn. Sex Tape had the couple roaming around the city hunting for their own footage. Bhanwarey has three men running around to save their very precious prized possessions. (Here's Bhanwarey official facebook page.)


Cinematography by 

Prashant Sehgal

Editorial Department 

Pushpendra Surywanshi...colorist
Darkly lit, the bollywood movie, Bhanwarey speaks of a dark subject, (read taboo), in a fun manner. Sehgal has tried to give a very raw and realistic feel with more of blacks, and blues, giving you an uncomfortable feel, keeping you on the edge. It reminds me of Delhi Belly, Chandni Bar and Aamir. The raw take at an Indian city. The uncanny corners, the dimly lit spooky corridors, the

I was genuinely worried about the treatment. It is a sensitive subject that can go too raunchy. But Bhanwarey is a comedy film you should watch this 24th of March after you're done with Phillauri. Or if Phillauri is not your kind of a movie.
With realistic characters, that are more than just guys next door, Bhanwarey's essence is more about the paranoia ofwhat happened that one night.

In the drama of pursuit of being the kamdev, Shaurya Singh, does what he shouldn't have. And as luck would have it, he does not remember what happened thereafter. The three Bhanwarey men, run on this quest to find out what happened that night amidst a diabolically saddist badman, who loves looking at the men as guinea pigs. We heard of no cruelty to animals. You cannot test on animals. But who cares if you tested on young men?

Written and directed by Shaurya Singh, the movie marks the  feature film debut of Karhan Dev. Yes, he has just changed his name and forgotten to change it on wikipedia. But I've an awesome chit-chat and real discussions on the movie Bhanwarey coming up on my channel soon. So, make sure you subscribe. Now.
Here's a sneak peak.

There are some films, where the trailers deceive. There's no graphic content or cheap or vulgar portrayal of any kind. The subject of sexual health and performance is such that Bhanwarey was bound to get an A. But, not like the majority of India is below 18. You tell me it's a hilarious take on the grief of ejaculating too soon and what a man does to solve it, and what he does to solve to solve the solution he took, without actually even showing a kissing scene. And I'm game for a mature subject. So, let's check it out on 24th.

© Copyright owned by Doveranalyst. This work cannot be reproduced without attribution. However,
sharing a link would mean a lot to me! Thanks!

Stated to release on the same day as Phillauri, on the 24th of March, 2017, it shows a hope of how far we have come in cinema. Dreamers put all their life to make their one movie. And when it is happening, let's hope just as a spirit of collaboration made Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani work, a small film like Bhanwarey can also reach you.
Independent films and low budget cinema often don't even get the screens they deserve, especially when they are releasing along with big budget films with movie stars that can pull crowds in.
The very fact that Bhanwarey managed to get screens speaks for itself. Do give it your time after you're done watching Phillauri or if you'd rather watch a chaotic situational comedy than a man married to a ghost in a tree.
PC: UrbanAsia Shaurya Singh, Jashan Singh Kohli  and Karhan Dev from Bhanwarey

Everything about bloggers for those who don't know

What is a blog?

A blog is usually a log. A weblog. Of different things. It can be anything, really. Some bloggers choose to write blogs about their own life. I, am not one of them. I did try though. But it really didn't work out.
Blog writers, or bloggers, as they are popularly referred to, may choose to write on a variety of topics. Some bloggers write journals or post life updates with the internet, sharing their daily lives, or some interesting learning every single day.
Some bloggers write in a specific niche. It's more about that specific category. (Tip: It's usually their forte). 
These bloggers can be writing about anything from DIY posts to natural home remedies, make-up or beauty, fashion, tech reviews, gadgets, spirituality and life philosophies. You name it.

Do blog writers always write journals or accounts of their lives?

When I tried writing a typical blog post, it was dull. And lifeless. The charm and aura of fiction were missing. The mystery that revolves around my fiction tab, is enticing. There are carefully written characters and their character graphs. These individuals are definitely derived from what we have seen or read. One needs to make it interesting enough to seem to be real. A character that you write about needs some flesh. A writer sits at a coffee shop, (well, usually), eavesdropping many conversations. So, no bloggers do not always write an account of what happened to them. Blogging is similar to writing. Blogging is writing in digital form. As a writer, you could be writing a general article or fiction or a column in a magazine.

How do authors write about the things they do?

Fiction writers are blessed with an imagination. A very vivid imagination. They are often creepy people who could be telling you stories all the time. Most of them, that never happened. And some that maybe a compilation of many real stories. 

It would be hilarious, the extent to which we go. It's a trance that happens. A name we heard, a friend's name we like, a stranger's phone call. A dream we had. It could be anything, really. Or all of it. 

A writer usually finds a home with things they know from their friends or through travel. Places they have visited or things they have eaten. It is highly likely that a man who visited the Ifle Tower with his mother, then writes about a young man, like himself, travelling and meeting this gorgeous woman there. Can we even blame him, though? It's Paris, after all. Everyone wants to read a romantic story.

My journey into romantic fiction

While celebrated trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey, claims to be erotic literature, with three books, with elaborate descriptions on the two protagonists, like most women, I saw the love story instead. Which is precisely why, I never saw the movie with the same name, Fifty Shades of Grey. 

I remember, the lovely lady, I had met on a train who had a mother with Parkinson's disease. The poor thing kept explaining how serious it is, and how they have tried everything, to the most ignorant lady on the face of the earth, who kept saying how everyone's mother-in-law behaves like that. The worst you can ever do to a human is trivialize their grievous pain to the most common occurrence in every household. Sigh. It was a waste of time, trying to explain her really. I couldn't help but explode that I understand how tough it is to take care. 

Nobody understands the pain of the caregiver. I had been sitting really quiet for a really long time witnessing the whole drama. But, my tolerance level had really given up on the face of the utter ignorance and the sheer determination of this young woman, beside her mother, constantly moving her hands, and legs and asking for things. What was really phenomenal about this young woman was that, she was very beautiful. I mean, she took care of herself and of her mother too. She had done a nice face and had diligently applied lipstick and blush on her mother's face too. I have been through this and seen my mother been through it too. It is next to impossible to breathe when you have someone with a special need next to you. But this young lady, lived her life. Or, tried to. She told her mother to be a good kid and sit and went with a childlike amusement after the amboda lady. My heart literally thumped out and was in my hand. 

I wasn't prepared for this. My insides were churning faster than ever with a nervous discomfort. I cared for these two already. And I was worried. She swiftly came back absolutely nonchalant of my worries. I was still a stranger to her. And then began this highest level of ignorance shamelessly taunting and accusing her with all the innocence. And that was the irony. The typical working Marathi lady by the window seat in the Mumbai local train genuinely thought that the mother in front of us, (who looked like her sister, in a lovely white lace and red and orange print pattern kurta and matching leggings), was indeed, as good as any old mother-in-law forgetting things and shaking her hand as she holds the tea cup. I did want to do my, "Wait, what?!!!" But, surprisingly, I held my calm as I saw this a second ago fascinated by the amboda  girl, carefully explain to her what Parkinson's disease is. She went into deep details on the brain functioning and how an operation could possibly kill her mother and how they have taken every opinion under the sun. 
Hence, at the brim, this outburst.

"I understand how difficult it is to take care. INobody understands the pain of the caregiver". 

I had interrupted this long pointless conversation like a blow. A blow, that went unnoticed, obviously. She heard me. For sure. But her brain couldn't process it.
It was an overwhelming human moment. She continued the sentence she was speaking and her eyes were blurry now as she looked at me. She did a double take. Maybe, just to be sure what she heard.
Now she was looking at me. Directly into my eyes. So touched by the acknowledgement that I thought she will burst into tears any moment.
"Thank you".
"Oh, it's ....", I went on.
We then talked, giving her some escape from the lady in a blue saree with the jasmine stuck to her hair next to her office bag, still looking for her opportunity to repeat how it is the same as her mother-in-law's hand shaking while holding the cup of tea.
The mother was obviously smiling at me, and tugging at her daughter, and smiling again. At everyone. A cute child, she was.
Like a human, we kept smiling at her. And amidst all of this, the lady managed to tell me how she lived Fifty Shades of Grey and how I should never watch the movie, though.
"The book is lovely. But don't watch the movie. It's all porn", she hissed, as she had to hurry to get down at Dadar.
Shantaram, a 2003 novel written by Gregory_David_Roberts, is happily set in Mumbai, also mentioning the Saurabh hotel in Colaba. The Guardian lists ten other books set in the charm of Bombay. Travel is the intoxication of many writers. Unfortunately, one never travels enough. I haven't. I tend to stick to the places I know somehow so that I can sew a realistic appeal to the story that I'm weaving for you.

Unless, of course, they are my fantasy of a different world, altogether. 
.....IMAGINATION GALORE ...... Romance in the wilderness) chapter 2 (August 17, 2012)
.....IMAGINATION GALORE ...... Romance in the wilderness) (February 19, 2011)
I have, however, set my Magic story in Delhi, without ever having been in Delhi.
THE MAGIC: A love story Chapter 1 (August 18, 2012)
The Magic- A love story Chapter 2 (March 15, 2014)

Nobody really writes about Odia characters, ones that can be cool, too. I've grown up watching Ekta Kapoor, with Gujarati or Punjabi background households. Lately, Rajasthani households have also caught popular attention. You could hear even Marathi, South Indian, Bengali, and every other cultural backdrop. But never an Odia one. Hence, I did dare to give Bhubaneswar a little credit. Bhubaneswar to NarimanPoint sounded as crazy a catchphrase to me as small town to Las Vegas. Or maybe like I say Mumbai is the NewYork of India and probably this posh area is Manhattan or LA.
My lack of adequate travel paralyses me to think of an equivalent in the culture where a city has a life, a texture, a character, and speaks for itself.

I also happen to write absolutely non-romantic fiction
Ayesha and the Incredible I want to meet you Part 2 (October 24, 2014).
Ayesha and the incredible I want to meet you! (September 5, 2014)
and some satirical articles, like; Turning 25: The odds of being a woman (November 5, 2014)
Just a photograph and... (January 12, 2015)
Life before & after a Note 3 (January 8, 2015)

I do translations that have been a favourite of many, cuz my interpretation of things is at a whole new level. Can you tell? Haha.
Bavra Mann Dekhne Chala Ek Sapna lyrics translation (March 22, 2011)
Jiya jiya re | Lyrics Translation & meaning (October 27, 2012)
WHY KOLAVERI DI IS NOT A FAD...Why this Kolaveri Kolaveri kolaveri..........D (February 20, 2012)

My Writing journey

I used to write in the third person earlier but ever since I started reading chick lit like, Can you keep a secret?, I was blown by the personal touch it brought. Most female writers write about a female character, as it is just convenient and easy to get in the head of the protagonist. However, some have really pulled off writing as the man, and slaying it too. Even in Fifty Shades of Grey, the third book essentially speaks about the entire story from the perspective of the man, now. They fell in love. In deep, disastrous love. He proposed to her and they got married. They had kids. And it was beautiful. But the majority who haven't read the books might dismiss it as mere erotic literature. A few paragraphs in isolation from the bigger context of things can tarnish the larger and deeper soul of a book.
Active voice and present tense have been my choice, lately. What's yours?
Imagining (with my very vivid imagination), that something is happening right now, in the now is very fascinating.

The Blogger beyond the blog: How is a Blogger different from a writer?

It is easy to set up a blog. You can punch in an email address. Give a password. And, you're done. What takes courage and consistent effort, is to really find that rhythm and that voice within to constantly write. 
Bloggers cannot just write. In addition to that, they have to add images to make it meaningful. The web is a different place. You want to add aesthetics. A feel-good factor, so that your reader scrolls down chunks of words piled on their phone screens or tablets. Most readers wouldn't prefer to read on a desktop computer. When the attention span is really low and everyone is in a hurry, it takes a lot than just your writing. To be able to feature in Google rankings, you have to constantly update all webmasters. Not just Google. 
Bloggers got to deal with the internet. They don't have separate editors if they're on their own. But, they've to take care of the entire publishing. This includes making every bit shareable and hustling hard for backlinks. Working on SEO. Working on the template, the aesthetics, readability, positioning, designing, copyright and legal issues.
© Copyrighted 2017. This work cannot be reproduced without attribution. However, sharing a link would mean a lot to me! Thanks!